1. An old friend, warner alexander : so good to hear of your success. I was so over sad to hear of the fate of the original sematics and wondered what became of you. Im overwhelmed. If you recieve this, please call me at 562-342-0429. Would love to talk .

    1. JJ, How are you? It is so nice to hear from you! I heard from Steven’s cousin Anthony about Steven’s memorial service, and deeply regret I was not able to be there. I’m on tour in Europe at the moment but will call you as soon as I return. Looking forward to seeing you and catching up. Stan

      1. Stan, I told my mother I had contact with you and of your efforts. she was so happy and proud. I now live in apple valley with my wife. I’ll leave the rest to conversation when I see you. Hearing from you is a true blessing. Jay

        1. Jay, glad to hear your mom is well and remembers me. I’ll let my mother know we’re in touch, and she’ll be thrilled to hear about it. I’ll be returning to the states near the end of August.

  2. Stan, thank you for taking the time to reply, I know you are busy. How could my mother ever forget you, we were so close at one time that I use to talk like you. She too was so sad to hear the fate of steven, sterling and john. This is all recent news for us. I’ll explain when we meet. Much time has past, but I still remember the day when we were walking to school, (Enterprise) and discussed starting a group. We were only about 12 or 13 then. I remember your family well and the organ the was in your livingroom. My mother will be trilled to know that your mom is well. I have much to tell you but l’ll reserve that for when I see you. However I can tell you, im very happy at this time in my life, and I still sing and play piano for comfort. Music will always be my passion. My friend, I’ll not make this a habbit, for I know how busy you must be. Cant wait to see you and hear of your path. I too have a story to tell you, and its by the grace of God I am able. I was going to send you a picture of me sitting at a piano after singing a song, but I dont know how to do it, and besides my wife told me just wait until I see you. Take care my friend. JAY

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