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For the past week or so the weather has been very pleasant. Bordering on 70 degrees, the sun’s rays have once again lightly touched the leaves on the many trees in Lublin, and thus creating the Golden season of Poland. Weather forecasts appear to be similar for the ensuing days, so people are out throughout the days enjoying the it before what is suppose to be a very bitter winter (burrrrr).

When learning of my living in Poland, a number of people from the U.S. wondered why Poland. Well, that is what motivated me to write about my activities not only as an academician, but as an individual from the U.S. living in a country where most Americans don’t consider as their first choice. So you can expect blogs about public transportation, grocery shopping, walking, talking to people in EngPol (my created word for part English-Polish language), hand gestures when all communications fail, flat/apartment living, going out to eat, and so on. Having traveled and lived in places such as France, Hungary, Japan, UK, to name some I can fairly say Poland has just as much or even more, depending on your perspective, to experience. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!