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This collection is filled with photos of various castles and buildings throughout Torun and its surrounding territories.

Fulbrighter had the pleasure of taking Polish language classes at the esteemed University of Nicholaus Copernicus. Copernicus (1473-1543) was the astronomer and mathematician who published his work on what he called the heliocentric solar system.

After arriving in Poland on September 8th and spending a few days in Warsaw it was off to the wonderful city of Torun, approx. a 3-hour bus ride north of Warsaw, for our (Fulbrighters and family) 9-day orientation. Now my fourth trip to Poland, it was in this delightful city in 2003 when I first became attached to Polish culture. A city seemingly untouched by the presence of nearby countries to the east and west, Torun is a must see when visiting Poland.