1969              Pepsi Super Battle of the Bands Winner (like today’s American Idol)

1970               Japan Tour with Southern California Youth Chorale (first international experience)

1987               Japan Tour as a soloist (voice and piano)

1998               Awarded Ph.D. In Musicology from Claremont Graduate University

1999               Album: Expositions

2001               Album: Meditations

2003               Album: Solo

2005               America Presents Lecture to Distinguished Guests at Chopin Conservatory, Poland

2005               Album: Stan Breckenridge: LIve in Poland

2005               U.S. Fulbright Scholar Award to Poland 2005 Fall year

2007               Album: This is My Song

2008               Album: A Soulful Christmas

2009               Album: Reflections

2010               Single: Humanity

2012               U.S. Distinguished Chair Fulbright Scholar Award to Poland 2012-2013 year

2012               Book: Popular Music in America…(2nd edition, Kendall Hunt Publishers)

2013               U.S. Distinguished Chair Fulbright Scholar Award to Poland 2013-2014  year

2013               Performance for U.S. Ambassador Mull to Poland and Fulbright Scholars

2013               Album: All About Jazz (Klaudia Kowalik and Stan Breckenridge)

2013               Special Concert Recognizing U.S. Consulate General to Poland Ellen Germain in                                 Przeszyml, Poland

2013               Commentator in Pilot for Polish TV on American Music and Education

2013               Special Guest, also attended by Polish President Komorowska, at Air Show, Radom,                         Poland

2014               Principal Consultant for Disneyland Celebrates Gospel Walking Historical Tour

2014               Album: Out of Love for Jazz 

2014               Album: Jazz is Alive! (Klaudia Kowalik and Stan Breckenridge)

2014               Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany tour with Jazz Band Ball Orchestra

2014               Awarded the Medal of Solidarity from Radom, Poland

2014               Book: African American Music…(3rd edition, Kendall Hunt Publishers)

2015               Album: Inspirations

2015               Delivered Keynote Address for Black History Month Gala, Cal State Fullerton

2015               Selected as Resident Faculty for Washington, DC Cal State Internship Program

2015               Poland and Lithuanian Tour with Jazz Band Ball Orchestra

2015               Book: Music Taste or Waste…(2nd edition, Kendall Hunt Publishers)

2016               Selected as a Fulbright Scholar Alumni Ambassador (read more…)

2017               Curated an exhibit titled African American Civic Engagement (video…) (article…)

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